Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Analysis of the statement: "Life is complicated"

Life is complicated.
Life is complicated.
Life is complicated.

This was repeated so many times for emphasis. Actually, the number three symbolizes emphasis in the Bible. Why put so much emphasis on this expression? This semester I had an amazing teacher. When I say amazing I mean every student who doesn't love him is absolutely stupid. This man knows how to teach things clearly and make you feel great while learning it. The material is somewhat complex because it is pure grammar. The course was an Introduction to Spanish linguistics. I found it amazing.
Going back to the "Life is complicated" ordeal though, the professor would mention that same statement every time a student asked a question about one of those complex rules that is just what it is with no apparent reason or explanation. The students would ask these kinds of questions frequently and upon hearing the question I already knew what was coming. Beto, the professor, was simply going to state, because "life is complicated". I fell in love with that expression. It says so much with so little.
You see, each human is his or her own world. We view things differently, we smell them differently, we think differently, our emotions are different. What effects one person negatively effects another in a positive way. The same holds true for those other people. We have constant battles going on in our head. We try to live outside of our minds because we wouldn't be functional otherwise. It is difficult. Humans love to think. We love to observe and piece things together and makes sense of them. There never seems to be enough time to think, to stop and smell the roses, to appreciate the small things. That expression, goodness, I could go on about what it implies. The point I'm trying to make is the following, life is complicated. That's it. Interpret how you will but that statement is just too complex for me to keep writing about. Your life is complex, mine is complex, the entire Earths' population has a complex life. Let's strive to make it as pain free as possible. Let's stop and smell those darn roses. You might as well enjoy the small things. If you didn't stop and enjoy small things how would you be able to continue your life in a sane way, if there even is such a thing as sanity? Strive for this happiness that we all seek. Observe things more closely. Forget about the material things for a moment and focus on those other things, the wind whistling through the trees, the stars, birds chirping, water running, the warmth of the rays of the sun, the hug or kiss of a loved one. Focus on those things. Life will not be any less complicated but you will feel fulfilled. We need to enjoy these things. Why? Because........
Life is Complicated.

My personal order of happiness:

Soon, life will not be complicated. Until then, let's work to make it as beautiful as we can, together.

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