Thursday, May 21, 2009

A deeper meaning behind gadgets

The shiny backside and mirror-like reflection is impressive. Certainly, it is meant to impress even the most technologically savvy. My friends look at it and gawk. Yes, I am aware of it's exterior beauty. What about the interior you ask? Well, it has very few buttons. Actually. It only has three if you want to get down to the fine details. One for volume control, one for sleeping and waking, one for going home. How can one go home with such a device? Have you not heard!? This device allows for time travel. It takes you to the past and the future. You don't even have to leave your desk to know history. History is documented by man though. Yes, that is true. Well, how can I trust this device if the history is recorded my men? They are imperfect, an inferior race. You tell me this device will help me see the past but I cannot even begin to express the doubts that I have about recorded history. Don't humans skip the negative details? Don't they hide the immoral and unpopular things within the shadows? Impossible to believe that such a device, actually created by man as it were, can help me travel back in time, but you said "time travel". That implies traveling into the future. How can one travel into the future with a man made device? You tell me it's done with the passing of time itself. I ask you how that is possible. The future is never the future once it becomes the present. What is this notion of time. This electronic device before me gives me a time. Is not the concept of time also man made? I am confused. How can it be? Explain this to me. Yes, it is true that things can be put on calendars and proclaimed as future events but sometimes, sigh, these things don't happen. Other things happen. The plans don't work. The planning was futile. How will we be able to understand this device laying in front of me that makes me ponder so many different things? The device itself does not speak of human imperfection but it does indeed embody it in certain ways. Is this device fully functional all the time with no freeze ups, everlasting battery, easy user interface? I think that depends on the person using the device. What do you believe? What does this device tell us. Tell me, what does this device tell us about humanity, about me, about you?

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